Autumn falls - trend alert

Summer is almost ending, and autumn is blooming! It is time for a change in our closet! Time to take out sweaters, shirts, blazers, dresses, coats... And where do the bathing suits go?

For those lucky people who travel all year round, beachwear has a drawer that opens and closes to the extent of its usefulness - almost every month of the year 😉. For sportsmen and the winter beach lovers, this will also be the case.

However, considering that I will make the use of beachwear more versatile and beyond the beach, we will all benefit from these ideas!

Fall/Winter Trends

It is body season! It is time to mix them with blazers, shirts, skirts, pants, shorts, jackets... The time has come to grab our pieces of beachwear and mix them with each of these pieces of clothing. And feel good, cute, and sure that we made the right bet, when we bought a swimsuit that can be worn all year round.

This winter we will continue with animal prints, colors gold and silver are coming back in strength, and with this description and for those who already know our brand well,  this month piece of election will be our Asymmetric swimsuit! With this swimwear pice we will travel together beyond the beach!!

Asymmetric swimsuit beyond the beach

Have you noticed the maximum trend for this autumn/winter? Slouchy trousers, slightly masculine, with the waist slightly raised, with or without tweezers, with or without pockets, made with fabric or denim, with stripes on the side that give us that powerfull, strong, sexy look?

Attention - if you are at a time of restraint, grab a pair of men's suit pants from your husband, boyfriend, friend, family member and adapt them to your style. You will rock!!

And what to do with a pair of pants of this style? Let's mix them with the pieces we already have in our closet, such as shirts, blazers, boots, sneakers, high heels and off course our Asymmetric swimsuit!

Yes, take a risk! Use this swimwear piece as a body and mix it with:

  • A pair of slouchy pants, with a checkered pattern, for example - "trend alert";
  • A colored blazer on top, compatible with the colors of our swimsuit and the pattern of the pants;
  • A pair of sneakers during the day or heels for the night.

And get out the door! With a mask or without one, you will not go unnoticed, reusing a piece you bought to use in the summer, obtaining a "fresh", current, new look!

To feel good, confident and part of the fashion trends, there is no need to innovate! Invest in pieces that can be used all year and be creative in the way you reuse them!!

With our Asymmetric swimsuit, you can be fantastic on the beach with denim shorts and flip flops or dine out in a restaurant with a beige suit, sneakers, or heels. In both situations, you will certainly be one of the best dressed!

This is our proposal for the new season: we challenge you to you use your creativity and justify your purchases, reusing pieces you bought throughout the year in different seasons. Swimsuits belong in this category!

Follow us, your feedback is important to us!

Always be true to yourself,


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