Beach trends (part I) be bold and beautiful


As you know, I love fashion trends, as long they are lived with your own spirit and style! So, I am going to talk about beach trends from this angle, witch is – boosting you to find your own style - and also bring novelty to the theme! Let us start!

Forget the clichés. Words like "you look good", "you're fine," are to be thrown out the window. We want to be true to ourselves, to our style, within trends and to innovate!  We want to dress up in ways, that are not repetitive, dull and at the end of the day, deeply monotonous, that come from our atom pilot mode!

Actually, this could be our mantra to be applied in every field of our lives. Our individuality is our comparative added value and this print could be reflected in everything we do, from the moment we wake up, till the moment we go to sleep. We should be able to recognize ourselves in the most simple gesture, as it is in the act of dressing, I assure you, success guaranteed!

The right Beachwear to wear on the… Beach!

Well, what should we wear over our favorite Maria Martinez Beachwear pieces? Let's take a look at the trends; How are we going to fit pastel colors, silver shades, balloon sleeves, shoulder pads, romantic dresses and all other trends, including accessories, into our beach wardrobe?

It’s so easy! Remember the number of times I told you about betting on clothes that can be worn on the beach, outside, dining out in restaurants, when having friends for dinner at home, going to the movies, supermarket and wherever you may please;)?! That's my brand’s “motto” and I've shared some stories with you with really wonderful suggestions on how to wear beachwear pieces throughout the entire year!


This mind setting must be the slogan of our wardrobes!

This Summer bikini

Let’s start with the bikinis!

As you know, the high-waisted bikinis are making the world go round this year! I advise you two from our collections:

  • The bikini Circle Forms I – two colors, silver studs, asymmetrical shape, a must for this summer!
  • And the 70's Revival – it looks like we're wearing a pair of lycra jeans! Our favorite piece, with a perfect fitting that enhances our silhouettes and makes every head spin! It adds the unique color and pattern it has, that doesn’t tire the eye. A safe piece to invest!

Hot Trend: the Dress Coat

Now, let’s take a look at one of the strongest trends this summer, pieces in which it is worth investing in because of the multifaceted use they permit - the dress coats!!

I am going to tell you about a piece that I love, representative of the look I am going to propose to you from the  Sandro brand. It’s an ivory-white color piece - we can use it even if we’re not tanned - and you can use it any time of the year, if you know how to accessorize it properly!

For this look to work, the piece cut must have buttons all the way down or just till the waist area, and has to be tapered, so it can allow movement when falling from the waist down. Put on some mini shorts underneath, waist up to fit the bikini style, in your favorite style and color (denim, denim J), for a more sexy look, put on some super trendy knee shorts, or for the boldest ones of you, well, wear nothing but the piece under the bikini and head off to the beach looking stunning!

This look will have the same visual result, if it is made with a fit dress at the waist, with buttons from the top to the end of the dress, preferably with embroidery, or transparencies! The more fit and furrowed at the waist, the more beautiful the look will become! A smash! You can also wear a long transparent tunic over your shorts - don't forget the statement we want to achieve - If the tunic or the shirt is short, we will be on a "boredom-train”, from our atom pilot mode! No intention or glitter at all!

I advise you to invest in one of these cute bags, net or crochet, very fashionable, and where you can carry everything, and nothing is ever lost! Finish the look with a tomboy hat style! I’m in love with these gabardine hats, either on canvas cloth, crochet, simple cotton, plain or patterned for this Summer! They are unisex, have always been widely used by surfers and have now been brought to us and straight into our summer wardrobe! With a feminine look as the one proposed above, you can be bold! The bigger the hat flaps, the more beautiful and feminine they become! Don’t hesitate!

The trendiest piece for this Summer

And, of course, I must tell you all about the hottest piece of the summer! Over the years and along every collection, it has been taking different formats, ideas, designs, always within the tomboy style. It started with the boyfriend blazer, then the boyfriend blazer shoulder pads, the masculinized working pants with or without suspenders and now it presents itself in the form of the shirt of our male life companions, the ones we can steel things from their closet, without they even noticing or caring... Much 😉!

These extra-large size shirts were produced by most fashion brands, from haute couture” to “prêt-a-porter “and in the pastel shades of this season! They are a must in our closets, with cross seasonal use, and also suggestive of a statement look at the beach! What we are looking for! The colors for this look to work are are light yellow, light pink, cerulean blue, mint green, lavender and the traditional off-white (don’t make it up!). The shirt should be knee high and two size numbers above yours.

Underneath it, I recommend a swimsuit with a mega summer color! Invest in our "The Hit" swimsuit, cherry red, naked back, ideal for wearing with an open shirt too and marveling at the beach!! Or you can bet in our "Trick" swimsuit. Its bright blue-violet with the pitch blue overlay, makes it the ideal piece, together with the cherry red of "The Hit" swimsuit, to be mixed with the pastel shades of the shirts.  For me, this is the summer look, witch embodies the idea of enlightened and personalized trends – your summer trends!

To accessorize this set, try on some beautiful sunglasses and, of course, a scarf with a beautiful print on your head!

Sunglasses for this Summer

With the glasses, go seventy’s bold and oversize! The best shape for glasses to wear with a headscarf! If you don't have them, look into your mother's closet, or even on your grandmother's, and I assure you that you will find the pair we are describing. The cat eye oversized sunglass model is also a good option.

If you’re not lucky finding them at home, I suggest you the Olhar de Prata stores, they are always an excellent choice. When you go in, I advise you to go blind folded, they have such beautiful pieces, you’ll want to have them all!!

With the scarves go vintage! There are no more beautiful patterns than those of old scarves, specially from the seventies and being vintage Dior’s pattern is really a wonderful solution.

Walking summer feet: Havaianas

You can finish the above looks with… Havaianas, Havaianas and maybe more Havaianas on your feet. “What else”?

If you've been reading my articles, you know I'm crazy about shoes and creativity! A piece that combines these two features and that is also comfortable, it is very difficult to resist... But to go to the beach and wear on the feet, there is nothing else but Havaianas! This rubber made shoe, which is not even a good energy conductor, with which it is difficult to drive, are a fundamental piece in our Summer closet! They're cool, trendy, and they look good on everything, even with a long dress at a tuxedo party!

They cut off the “chique look” on a toilette, making it look more relaxed and versatile! I advise you the flat ones with the simplest design and in plain colors - shocking pink, bottle green, dark blue, chestnut brown (marvelous for the blondes) and the golden ones. Wear them and nothing more.

Jewelry on the beach

As for jewelry and jewelry at the beach... You know what the current trend is regarding these accessories... But in this context, we go against it and say: Less is more! Even if you have many ear holes, please go for simple, small, beautiful and sober earrings.

At the beach we look for salty hair, beautiful swimsuits, ours, the trend smashing looks, the tanned skins, the scarves, the hats and the sunglasses!! Big, funny bags and, of course, you! Beautiful, wonderful, with a Maria Martinez Beachwear unique look!

Stay tuned! In this article. I have only explored the beginning of  the beginnings of a vast theme, full of ideas of authentic beach looks, unique and made for you. See you soon!

Be always true to yourself and to your style,

Maria Martinez

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