Beachwear: what women really, really want!

"If you want to be my lover, you gotta get with my friends, make it last forever, friendship never ends!" So much wisdom!! That's exactly how it is! There is nothing better than when our group of friends get together and laugh and cry like there is no tomorrow!!

It’s a safe space for sharing, understanding, companionship, love and is scientifically proven to be responsible for improvements in our general well-being and rising immunity. I strongly recommend it! Husbands, boyfriends, companions, always keep this in mind, when you meet the friends of your better half!

It was exactly at one of these meetings that the idea of creating the perfect swimsuit came up, and with it the question of how this piece would turn out to be. Can you imagine a group of women talking about clothes and describing a bikini or a swimsuit... It’s bananas 😉!!!


I like those who tie a knot, you know? They pull on one side and tie a knot.” No, I don't know... Neither I nor anyone else 😉! “I like the ones that press my upper side?! Or the ones that press back, turn around, and close in the front with a knot?!!” Hmm... Enlightening... I didn't know that a piece like this existed 😉 Anyway, there was a lot of laughter and we realized how difficult it is to describe a piece of beachwear in detail, having gone back to the initial starting point - What women really, really want?

Beachwear: what women want?

After all, is it with a bra cup or without one? Do you want a chest box? Waist down or up? With prints or without? You are imagining the work that we designers have just reach you and create a collection, innovate, embellish you even more!


Did you ever think you would buy and love a swimsuit with a net behind it? Take a look at our Psychedelic swimsuit, a sales hit! In black and white! Or a bikini with a circular shape, as the name implies - the Circle Forms I bikini and Circle Form II bikini - with the possibility of rising and lowering the waist line and that will fit you perfectly!! And have you seen our Hotpants swimsuit? A sales success!

As the popular saying goes, "nothing ventured, nothing gained" and this is our motto. Innovate, taking risks and providing in each beachwear piece breast support, structure, style, beauty, and comfort.

Bikinis for big-breasted women

Each body, individually, has its own challenges that may or may not be shared with a large group of people, as is the case with women with larger breasts.

One of the most beautiful parts of our body, our breasts, when they are big, require a different support structure and comfort from the designer and from the final piece of beachwear. Mainly, because, depending on the shape of the breast, for some women, the bra cup works well. However, there are cases where it is preferable to remove the bra cups from the model.

I would love to say that all the bikini models that we sell in store and on the website are up to the challenge, but must of them are 😉. So here are some suggestions that, if you follow them, I guarantee you will not regret.

The best bikinis for big-breasted women

Let's start with the models of bikinis that we have in store and that work very well on the type of breasts I just talked about.


All Maria Martinez Beachwear bikini models, sold in our online store and in our Outlet, when they have bra cups, they can all be removed. This means that it is up to the client the decision, of using the swimwear pieces with or without bras cups. We are always thinking about you and adopting a strategy that brings you the greatest range of possibilities and comfort.

Going back to the models in store, we have the Trick bikini, undoubtedly one of the most high-end pieces in the collection! Diamond blue color, so trendy, with an unusual, different, irreverent cut. And the most important feature, it has a perfect fit for larger breasts. Have guaranteed dives, play racket without any additional worries 😉 and take that beach stroll at the end of the day, feeling confident, beautiful and different from the crowd. Success is guaranteed this summer!


Moving on to another model that we sell in our online store, the bikini “It is a Knot?”! I can't resist that mix of colors, the violet blue (this is a big trend this summer) and the "fashionable" pitch blue. There will be no one on the beach who won’t notice you! That knot on top, so high-end, another knot on the bottom with the two colors always visible, you will feel like you’re the queen of Summer! Add to all this description the fact that, since you can always remove the bra cup, it fits wonderfully on large breasts. Invest in yourself today!


Bikinis: the best prices for women with large breasts

In the Outlet, if you are a woman who is lucky enough to have big breasts, the models I will refer to below are made for you. All of them have a chest box, structure around the piece and removable cushions, produced in a factory specialized in the construction of cup models for large breasts. Don't think twice!


They are the Sexy Bomb Green bikini and swimsuit, the Sexy Bomb Gold bikini and swimsuit and the Unique bikini!

In the first models, the material contains an exclusive industrial crochet that was created for this collection, with tunics of the same material and color, a must! The third model, has an exclusive Italian fabric, designed with you in mind.

Take this trip with us and you will see that you will not regret it!


I hope you have enjoyed all my roposals. They are made from me to you. I want to ensure that this season you make the right choices and feel confident, beautiful and a hit on the beach!

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Always be true to yourself,


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