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Timelessness, sophistication, beauty, luxury. These are the characteristics that dictated this brand’s signature photo-shoot of Maria Martinez Beachwear. To achieve this result, we sought out the ideal partners, they are the Hotel Palácio in Estoril and Saldanha Joalheiros. Thank you very much for being a part of this project, making it even more special!!

Beachwear in luxurious surroundings

Through the Hotel Palácio, we achieved the exclusive atmosphere that we wanted for this session. This hotel, which dates back to 1930, has hosted Heads of State, Emperors, kings, princes, artists, writers, sports champions, directors and actors, as can be seen from the photographs displayed along the various corridors of the Hotel. And we must not forget that its exterior, the lobby, the pool and the view from the rooms, served as scenery for the James Bond film " On her Majesty's Secret service ".

It was exactly this modern luxury style, with tradition that this hotel perspires, that we came to seek to reiterate the timelessness characteristic of our brand, Maria Martinez Beachwear. A brand that, following fashion trends, has timeless beachwear pieces, subject to continued use for the quality they reward and always up to date.

Maria Martinez Beachwear accessorized with jewelry

And talking about jewelry… 😉 !! Beautiful, sophisticated, contemporary, timeless and versatile pieces, with the possibility of use on the beach and with beachwear as you can see through our photo shoot!  We could only be referring to  Saldanha Joalheiros. A family business, with more than 30 years of existence in the Portuguese market, that only works with Italian jewelers and whose pieces adorn women of all styles, from the most classic to the most modern, and of all ages.

We are living in a time where the use of jewelry has become more democratic. This is reflected on the design of the pieces that are either simpler and of daily use or with greater complexity and of a more occasional and special use.

Saldanha Joalheiros, with a store located at the Hotel Ritz in Lisbon, has a personalized, luxury attendance, that quickly meets the needs of the customer, exposing the rich range of pieces that characterize the brand. An experience not to be missed in Lisbon and that will surprise you. A perfect combination with Maria Martinez Beachwear.

João Taínha's view on our swimwear collection

We decided to work with a new photographer on this brand's signature photo-shoot. As you can see from the result, we have no regrets!! João Taínha caught our attention with his project developed in the middle of a pandemic called "Quarantine Series".

Everything happened through Facetime calls, in which João photographed with his telephone the person to whom he had called. Later, he would post the result on Instagram. This work had an international impact, giving him the opportunity to photograph Roberto Cavalli's son.

João worked our project with the same creativity and initiative, and the final result was visible and excellent!

The importance of make-up and of the model in the brand’s signature

To this group of excellent creatives, we added our makeup artist, a true "asset" of the brand! It is already her second year and the third and fourth year will definitely arrive… Matilde Correia de Sampaio will accompany the brand's photo sessions for many years to come!

We chose what we considered to be the ideal model for our brand’s signature, Isabella Guzman and the result is visible to everyone! A clear image of the values ​​that this brand represents - sophistication, modernity, timelessness, quality, beauty, versatility, luxury.

We invite you to immerse yourself in these new images and to enjoy the work we’ve done. We look forward to your feedback.

Always be true to yourself and your style,


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