Goddesses and summer aromas… Feeling like a goddess!!

Finally it is starting to feel like summer! And with it comes its aromas, its essences, striking and intense and stories that stay in our memories forever! The smells of summer, the sounds, the sea, the beach, provide a greater emotional availability on our part, a greater openness to adventures, to leave our comfort zone and live life in freedom unconditionally.

Bronze Goddess: my summer perfume

Do you believe that there is a perfume that sums up all these sensations?

Yes, it is true, my summer perfume is chosen! It combines a mixture of bergamot substrate- citrus fruit bergamia - amber, tiara flower and of course, vanilla and coconut!!What a wonderful combination and what a beautiful smell!

Without being too intense, it brings with it the lightness of this season and the sensations of summer! It transports us to the beach, to the sea, to laughs, it elevates us to a level of sensuality as only certain aromas can do!

Bronze Goddess by Estée Lauder, waiting for you to spoil yourself! With a tanned skin and this blend of essences that this perfume provides, I guarantee that your adventures this summer will be prolonged..Eternally! Immerse yourself in this experience of sensations without fear, in freedom and with your sensuality on fire! How good it is to be a woman!

Are you living your feminine side to the fullest? Start with this perfume and awaken the goddess that lives in all of us!

Your swimsuit this summer

Be aware! A fundamental element is missing here in this frenzy of emotions and experiences! A swimsuit or a bikini Maria Martinez Beachwear! All our models are built to exalt our feminine side, our inner goddess! They are made to empower us women and savor the magnificent beings we are and what we have achieved! But there are always special pieces made to turn heads, providing infinite light and presence. I will guide you through this process.

Goddesses!! Have you tried our Offline White?!! With its special round forms and gold studs?!! Take this piece for a walk at the end of the day and observe the neck movements, around and around! What about our Offline Black?! It looks like a bikini, but it is a swimsuit... Gold studs on one side only... You look superb, exclusive with an amazing body figure!! And have you tried our Circle Forms Blue?! We go from women to goddesses, with our sensuality at the top!

The colors, the shapes, the unique features of these pieces, make our body a true oracle to venerate, celebrate, respect and embrace our feminine side.Strong, powerful, real, present. What a vacation!

Unique beachwear for this summer

For those who are interested in our promotions, I can find you amazing alternatives! Want to feel unique at the beach? Unforgettable, different, and beautiful? Use and abuse our bikini Unique! As its name implies, it will stand out from most people at the beach.

The top of this bikini wears like a vest, the back is all laced and the visible effect will be skin and lace, mixed with sand and salt water!! Is there greater sensuality?? The front of the bikini draws the shape of a woman, with chest support and removable padding. The lower part, also all lacy, shouts exclusivity, good taste, sophistication. Enter our promotions and check it out for yourself!

How about unleashing our feline side, so healthy and seductive? Fast-forward to our The Hit swimsuit! Exclusive animal print from the brand, has some ties on the back that will make you one of the most beautiful and fiercest women on the beach! Don't hesitate, if we are going to feel like goddesses, we can't fail!

And even within these animal prints, we have our Asymmetric swimsuit and Overlaping pieces.

The first one with a snake print, in green, white and gold tones, with a unique shape and gold studs, will make you an unforgettable, sensual and unique woman! The second with a V-neckline, discreet shoulder openings, square neckline on the back, in shades of brown, will make your most feminine, seductive, elegant and surprising side stand out. Worthy of a whistle on and off the beach, and acknowledgment of the goddesses who inhabit us and make us the creative and beautiful beings that we are.

Beauties, wake up to this unique summer scent that Estée Lauder provides us with the Bronze Goddess perfume, which accompanied by the models mentioned above, will make you the Diva Woman of this summer! Ascend to your feminine side, contact your unique essence, animal, powerful, sensual, sophisticated that our brand provides! We are always with you in different shapes, colors and prints, Take your pick!

Always be true to yourself and your style,

Maria Martinez

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