Empowering women with Beachwear


Today I am writing about a very current, in the moment subject - Women's Empowerment. Why do we feel the need to empower ourselves? How can we do it? And what does exist in us women and in our potential that is so threatening and so great?

EVERYTHING. We are everything. All of us humans are endowed with rationality - state of being sensible based on facts or reasons. Yes, we are all capable of analyzing facts. However, the ability to intuit - to foresee - the sensitivity - which allows us to reach others and their needs - this emotional coefficient that characterizes us, makes us achieve memorable results in life and make a difference in our families, in our closest relationships and, finally, in society.

So, should we be feared? No, simply recognized. Are we threatening? No, we can do things, change history, impact. Should we be respected? Yes, without a doubt and without a struggle we will create new paths for us, giving a spotlight to all of these characteristics and fully manifesting them.

Empowerment through beachwear

And how can we - Maria Martinez Beachwear - help you in this process? By instilling this strength in our beachwear models, distinguishing you from the crowd, making you unique, different, highlighting that unique power that resides in us! Offering a range of products that empowers you. Come, join us in this field trip!

Let's start with some empowering swimwear pieces. Our Circle Forms Blue, the Asymmetric piece and the Offline Black. What characterizes them? What makes them strong, making this strength that resides in us stand out?

Bathing suits in female empowerment

Let's begin with the design of these swimsuits.

Each of these swimsuits features an unique cut that by itself individualizes us anywhere. Using any of these pieces of beachwear, on any occasion, we will distinguish ourselves, stand out. Since, as all the pieces have an unique design, they are timeless - this year I am fed up, I don’t wear it and next year I am pumping again!

They adapt to most bodies, highlighting the best they have to offer! If I don't want to risk buying a Circle Forms swimsuit, I move on to the Asymmetric or Offline Black swimsuit piece. Guaranteed success. Despite having a different cut, they offer a unique quality and comfort.

Let's move on to the studs, applied to each of these swimsuits in order to enhance their design, making them the "must have" of the season! They shout exclusivity, "trendiness", sophistication.

In these 3 beachwear pieces, the studs are golden and not too bright, they give a different fashion look, empowering each one of us, when we use them. I know that in a pool, on the beach, at a summer cocktail party, I will be different, unique and feeling comfortable, I am beautiful and with the strength that characterizes each of us women, in their maximum strength!

Do not hesitate, visit us and take a chance!

Always be true to yourself,


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