Aging sustainably... And with Beachwear!

Inner beauty. It is the only "modus vivendi" I know, believe, capable of generating a magnet of permanent attraction, seductive at any age, gender, in any continent and even in Space!

I speak to you of authenticity, self-esteem, trust, understanding, compassion, intelligence, grace, free spirit, concerted ambition, love for yourself and for others. I am talking about leaving a state of permanent reaction and embracing life free of conditions, living in the present moment. Who is not attracted to a person with these characteristics?

These people turn dinners, vacations into memorable emotional states, past and future, making us smile beyond those moments and laugh out loud even when we are alone. This for me is aging in a seductive, attractive, radiant way.

Tricks for Aging Well

Tricks? it doesn't take many I assure you.

An inside out journey doesn't require, money, travelling or different landscapes. It requires courage to face ourselves and our ghosts 😊, to put in perspective what is ours and fits our essence and what does not belong to us, but to our inherit genetic and emotions. Patterns that are not ours and that when we bring them to our consciousness and realize what they limit us, we deliver them into the earth and sea to regenerate.

Aging is a process of liberation and openness, to give expression to our essence, to start a new process of loyalty to ourselves and, consequently, to others.

Aging Well: working on ourselves

What do I advise you? Techniques that work us from the inside out, that organize us, that bring us clarity, focus, awareness, harmony. I am referring to techniques that work on the body/mind connection, scientifically proven fact. Did you know that a positive attitude towards aging has a physiological impact on our bodies, slowing down the aging process?

I am talking about yoga, in all its versions, tai-chi, chi kung, meditation, coaching, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, bodynamic... All methods that are based on the body/mind connection are fundamental to our process of aging. Aging for me is synonymous with getting to know ourselves, our essence. It is synonymous of liberation, comprehensiveness and integration.

Shall we stop being illiterate? The world needs this as much, as the protection of our planet in all its aspects. Let's call the aging process our emotional sustainability project. Our planet really needs this!!!

The importance of relationships in Aging well

And how are you in terms of love, friendship and family? Do they support you emotionally? Did you know that deep connections, where there is a feeling of belonging, are regenerative at the cellular level, thus contributing decisively to the aging process? They lower our cortisol levels, acting on an anti-inflammatory level.

Well, with the field of Epigenetics, we stepped out of the era of gene determinism that makes us unaccountable and enter a new one that empowers us, knowing that the quality of our emotions, our thoughts, the environments in which we live, can decisively influence our genetic predisposition , negatively or positively. We can choose. We are thus able to act in our aging process, being co-authors of it in partnership with our genetics, the external environment in which we live and, consequently, the toxicity to which we are exposed.

It seems to me to be one of the most important discoveries of recent times and of which we speak little or are informed. And it should be our first morning thought - how can I positively improve my inner emotional state, in order to contribute to my aging process? Start building strong connections that can act as a support system.

As for other techniques and common places, of greater or lesser intervention, the advice of Maria Martinez Beachwear is - less is more and to this I add to be aware of your physiognomy, your identity, so that the anti-aging processes does not add further problems in the future. It is important to always be informed before moving on to any type of procedure. I am in favor of responsible and sustainable aging.

I believe that the fight against our aging is more successful, when done from the inside out; this is the right movement and the dynamics that will bring you the most results.

Aging well with beachwear

And now the most exciting subject of all 😉 - how to age well... With beachwear!!! Girls please... Stop this "war" of sizes!!! What does it matter if the number that gives us a perfect fitting, makes us feel like an atomic bomb, is an S, an M or an L? Nobody is looking at the interior label of the piece and what matters is that the bathing suit fits well, and we feel like a hit😉! Of course, from the age of forty, the law of gravity reigns and if an M or an L fits us better, what is the problem??!!

Because of this inferior aspect of our feminine “persona”, there are brands that launch lines that only have sizes XXS, XS and S... Hello??!! We are much better than this, being emotionally organized, and empowered with the right swimsuit or bikini and in the SIZE that exalts our entire splendor, we are unstoppable!!

For those who are thinking of starting to change their swimsuit for a bikini, we have several pieces within our collections to advise! Advancing soon to an entire piece makes this whole trip less sustainable and more boring.

Why not try our "The Hit" swimsuit? Color red cherry with the back uncovered will surely be a hit! If you need more breast support, we recommend our "Offset" and "Offline Black" swimsuits! Composed of two overlapping pieces, they leave skin on one side visible, so that we don’t have the feeling of wearing an entire piece.

Do you want to switch to a bathing suit and continue to feel modern and sophisticated? Try our Psychedelic and Hotpants swimsuits! The first being a whole piece, has this wonderful detail of the net on the back and the second one in a riskier version but that you can still use and abuse! Do you like blue and white with black? Then you can try a "navy look” with our Edgy swimsuit! Not being a whole piece, with the small openings on the side, it will facilitate the transition to the swimsuit. And what about our "Flower Power" swimsuit?! The perfect choice between drapes and knots, for a youthful look that does not compromise, extolling the best in you!

We hope you enjoyed our sustainable and responsible version of the aging process ... And with beachwear! Together and from the inside out, success is guaranteed!! We look forward to your feedback!

Always be true to yourself and to your style,


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