Is it a dress? Can we use it as a sweater? With Maria Martinez Beachwear? (read us and find out)

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I love to interact with you this way! Talking about fashion, one of my greatest passions, connecting this theme with Maria Martinez Beachwear brand, always in sync with everything that goes on in the fashion world, and writing! WONDERFUL!

The Big Sweater Trend

This trend is one of my favorites.

It is a consequence of what has happened in the last two autumn/winter seasons - the big sweater trend - worn with pants, dresses, long satin skirts, with "Shorts"...

I hope you had fun with yours and have mixed it in a creative and unique way, always adding a comparative value! After all we are women! In those winter days, with jeans and a warm jacket with balloon sleeves... Breathtaking...

Fall/Winter Trend: The knitted dress/sweater

And now the trend that followed this last one - The knitted dress/sweater! Open or closed, ideal to mix with a body underneath Maria Martinez Beachwear and some "cuissardes" boots!  You can also use it with leggings that have a small opening in the front (very trendy), or boot cut pants totally owning this look! Looking AMAZING!

This look will not be the same without our body, in a bikini or swimsuit version, from any year or collection. Maria Martinez Beachwear quality adds that second skin feeling to the pieces, making it possible to be worn all year round, in all seasons, ensuring a permanent killer look.

If you don't have a beachwear piece from our brand, go to our website and browse! Don’t miss the opportunity to mix them with this season greatest trends. If you have been following us, you already know them by heart: Slouchy Pants, Patchwork Pieces, Street Style Pieces, the Knitted Dress/Sweater, and the Iconic Military Jacket. Justify your purchases and buy a piece that you can use all year round!

The Unique bikini with a dress/sweater

The dress/sweater look has the advantage to create several different looks, for day and night, all of them equally sophisticated and best accessorized with a Maria Martinez Beachwear piece. The ideal piece to mix with this knitted dress will be our Unique bikini model.

As you can see from the bikini’s shape, it can also be used as a Top, it has breast support and removable padding, which makes it adaptable to all breast shapes. It is ideal to be worn with an open or a closed knit sweater or a dress, giving a more feminine shape to the dress/sweater adding at the same time comfort, making us feel special inside out.

Since the Unique bikini has a promotion, it will be the ideal Christmas gift to offer to people we love. You will be giving a gift from a trustworthy brand and a versatile beachwear piece that can be used all year round.

For me, the designer who best exemplifies this trend is Alexander MacQueen. In its autumn/winter ready-to-wear collection, there are two cardigans/dresses, both accessorized with a cuissardes. The designer exemplifies it in an open and closed version with a knitwear design that dominates this season.

In order for this look to be perfect, we need to add our Unique bikini, which is one of our more versatile pieces. Accessorize it with short and long chain necklaces and leave the house in a Maria Martinez Beachwear vibe: BREATHTAKING!

We created a brand whose main concern is to praise a woman’s body, helping her find her style and enhance it in a unique and remarkable way. Mix this season trends with our beachwear pieces and there is no way you will not succeed. That is what we want! Visit us and give us your feedback.

Always be true to yourself, and to your style,


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