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How are you doing? There is nothing better than the beginning of a new season to encourage a change of clothes in our closets! Even when we wake up very early, there is no need to worry about the cold outside anymore; the rain itself seems to pour down differently, although its intensity increases.

The big coats have been moved to another part of the house, or, if you are more fortunate, to another part of the closet. Colors gain greater intensity and strength, and we start using wardrobe pieces that we didn’t even remembered we had!

Everything smells like new and awakens in us this energy of new possibilities, new beginnings, life is happening right before our eyes. The changing of seasons brings forth a new world of possibilities and now, more than ever, let us grab this breath of fresh air and reinvent ourselves!

Spring/ Summer Trends: Jackets

When it comes to trends, and as I have mentioned to you in previous articles, jackets are coming up strong this Spring/Summer season. Styles vary from fringed jackets to shoulder pads, large pockets, jackets with balloon sleeves, with belts, padded... So, have you chosen your style for this Spring/Summer season?

Well, we are going to help you mix this trend with beachwear, our area of expertise! We’ll mix swimsuits and bikinis specifically with fringed jackets, trench coats, safari style jackets, shackets, and in denim fabric too.

Fringed jackets

Let's start with the fringe trend!! One of my all-time favorites!! Always have a wardrobe piece of this style to accessorize your sets every season of the year.

Timeless trends are Maria Martinez Beachwear fashion version, in which all our swimwear collections are based and our trending advices as well.

Because this is a style that lives forever, it is a wonderful example to mix and match with other wardrobe pieces in which beachwear captures our special attention... And to start, we chose to mix it with our The Hit swimsuit. A truly timeless piece that can be used on a variety of occasions. The uncovered back cut and its red cherry color, make this swimsuit an essential must this Spring/Summer season! If you are thinking about transitioning from bikinis to swimsuits, or just want to try new cuts for fun, this piece is the ideal choice.

And have you noticed that tie dye is always in vogue, varying the trend only in the kind of clothing it incorporates? This Spring/Summer it came full force in every piece of clothing, sweaters, skirts, pants, dresses and denim. It was exactly with a pair of pants in this pattern, gray and of fluid fabric, slightly flare style, that we chose to mix our The Hit swimsuit with a black leather fringed jacket. We added some cowboy boots and made the transition from the beach to the night, in a more festive and trendy setting. And always within the latest trends of the season.

Trench Coats

And what is going on this Spring/Summer with the trench coats?!! An intense revival, with totally different shapes, colors and cuts. If I decide to buy a jacket this season, I must definitely choose a piece like this, which will quickly become one of the most iconic models in my closet!

Here, we were bold on the look and accessorized our Circle Forms bikini I, with a large pocket trench coat! We really like this trend with bodys with long or short transparent dresses, or more sober ones and with slits, or mixed with blazers and coats. For those who do not feel comfortable with this trend, accessorize with a high-waisted skirt or pants, or enjoy the belly slightly showing off, that charming detail that makes the difference in a summer look!

Pay attention to the coats Max Mara has to offer this season, in this style.

Safari style jackets

Speaking about safari style, have you noticed that this trend is always current? That every year and in all seasons accessorizing a look with this style of jacket will make you an up to date and modern woman? It's this kind of pieces that's worth investing in!

We took our Circle Forms White swimsuit, a must-buy piece, of unique design, unbeatable quality and always contemporary, we accessorize it with some cotton pants in the same color and finished with a vintage safari style jacket. It's a perfect look for a beach or pool day, with flip flops on your feet and wearing a jacket by the end of the day, or with some heeled or jute wedges sandals and here we go transitioning from day to night!


And what about the shackets, seen in every season this year? Is there a more comfortable, functional, simple, and beautiful piece? We can wear it over jeans, pants and skirts of sober cut, for work, or accessorize it with a cocktail dress party, "Maria Martinez Beachwear" style, (risk it), or to the beach with our Circle Forms II bikini. This bikini is or will be, a unique piece in your closet – with an innovative cut, current colors, silver studs, quick drying, and indisputable comfort!

Do not miss the various versions of this jacket, in color and texture, that one of our favorite brands, IRO, is presenting us this season. Visit their store in Avenida da Liberdade and delight yourselves with their collection.

Denim jackets

Denim, denim, and more denim!! Printed, plain, textured, or colored, we have reached an era in witch its use has become more democratic and seen in more chic and casual garments, or more simple pieces for daily use, being able to be mixed with beachwear and in our case, we chose this year’s bikini sensation, Is it a Knot! A mixture of intense, vivid, and current colors, with an innovative and timeless cut.

We wore a striped denim jacket, a knitted pleated skirt with silver linings, white platform sneakers and we are ready for the next Summer adventure! Always inspired by trends and with Maria Martinez Beachwear.

Join us, get inspired, visit us and make your choice!

Always be true to yourself and to your style,


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