Maria Martinez Beachwear beyond the beach

Finally! The theme we all were looking for!! How to use the pieces purchased at Maria Martinez Beachwear beyond the beach!!

Have you noticed the evolution that has occurred in the world of fashion and in society in general, where the use of Havaianas in the city is now normal and wearing jeans at parties and cocktails is trendy cool? We simplified our wardrobe and the change of season itself is no longer relevant. Nowadays, on one hand, we have pieces that are not kept in the closet all year, because we use them in all seasons. On the other hand, there are pieces that no longer have an occasion, that have become iconic in our wardrobes. They are jeans, sneakers, our multifaceted Havaianas and, of course, our beachwear line!

Did you ever think you would rock in a cocktail party with a pair of well-accessorized jeans? Or that with a long dress, the "must" of the must “serious” season, would be to wear it with a pair of sneakers? The success is guaranteed at a tuxedo party! And Havaianas? Who knew I could wear them in the city during the day, with a long dress at a party, with a suit for work and for a swim on the beach? In any of the situations described and using these pieces in this way, the person that does this is recognized as someone who understands fashion and what it means to be "cool".

Beachwear to wear beyond the beach

How does our beachwear line fits here?

To move forward in this chapter, it is necessary to mention the quality of the materials used in the creation of every beachwear piece in our collection. Our lycras, all of which are Italian, are of great quality and provide unparalleled well-being.

Today, for example, I had a photoshoot session in which one of the goals was exactly the idea behind this article, beachwearBeyond the Beach”, and I just realized that I didn't take off one of the photographed bikinis, such is the comfort that these pieces offer. That’s why, if we buy a piece that makes us forget the intention of the purchase, we have the conditions to use it 24 hours a day and on the most diverse occasions.

Ready? So, let's travel "beyond the beach with our The Hit swimsuit!"

How to wear The Hit swimsuit outside the beach

How will it be like to spend a whole day with our iconic swimsuit piece The Hit?

Let us start with a beautiful day at the beach. Hair in the wind, beautiful destroyed denim shorts, a guaranteed cool look, a denim shirt in the bag, just in case it gets cooler by the end of the day, a cute bag with embroidery and beads, a straw cowboy hat that is small, malleable and with an aged look and our swimsuit The Hit. When we get to the beach, success is guaranteed!

Dive with everything in its place, a spectacular neckline on the back and on the belly and firm and outlined lateral lines. This swimsuit gives you all that! But the day is not over and I want to continue to feel beautiful, safe and comfortable!

Throughout the afternoon, I get that call 😉, with that invitation to join a group in the late afternoon in a garden, with live jazz music and some food and drink stands. "Hmmm… I'm going!" And I go with my swimsuit and it will be accessorized as follows:

  • Beautiful bell pants, with or without a print and with neutral tones. Our cerise red model is the one that should shine;
  • Beautiful black cowboy boots, red, dark bordeux, beige, white, honey-colored… I leave it to you and what you have in your closet;
  • And a nice coat on top. It can be 3/4 denim, destroyed or not, a military jacket, always on vogue, with or without embroidery, taxes or fees, a leather jacket, with or without fringes, or even a beautiful white male cut blazer or black.

Wild but well-groomed hair, short or long, and off I go through the night. I feel good, always true to myself, to my style, with the right brand options, which guarantee me this extra shine, this feeling of being different from the crowd, this individuality.

And with this advice, I say goodbye, with the certainty of having provided you with a unique, creative trip, offering you a greater range of options to the simple purchase of a swimsuitsuit. Invest in yourself this summer!

Always be true to yourself,


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