Maria Martinez Beachwear beyond the beach with Offset swimsuit


And here we are for another article about Maria Martinez Beachwear beyond the beach!! And this time with a swimsuit model, the Offset, which lives up to this season's maximum trend: ASYMMETRIES! And to answer your question: Yes, it is possible to buy a swimsuit that meets all the requirements in terms of timeliness, quality, comfort and to extend its use beyond the beach, beyond your imagination, beyond your mood!

And how? Where to go? And on what occasions?

Dinner outfit with the Offset swimsuit

Let's start with the color of the swimsuit - oil green. Mild, but intense, liable to mix with many darker colors - black, gray, brown or lighter - except with the choc tones. Most colors can be mixed with this one.

Bearing in mind the shape of the piece, which lives up to the theme of the current beachwear collection, Asymmetries, this beachwear model is ideal to be used as a body. If we want to go out for dinner well dressed but without exaggerating, we can wear the Offset swimsuit, with a black, white or dark gray blazer and trousers, sneakers (very trendy 😊), beautiful heeled, flat sandals, or ballerinas, a pouch and here we go!

We wear the swimsuit during the day, on the beach, in the pool, and at night we move on to a beautiful and well-cut suit with our Offset and rock it!

We have more alternatives.

Offset swimsuit to go out with friends

For example those days of vacation or weekends, when we do not know what will happen, how it will unfold, if we end up on the beach, in the pool, or on a beautiful terrace while talking with friends.

During the day, we bet on shorts with a slightly baggy touch, our swimsuit of choice and a shirt on top, Havaianas, a cute bag, and we walk with confidence. We continue into the night with the same piece of swimwear, but this time we updated the look, making it more exquisite:

  • Beautiful, heeled sandals or short heeled boots, they slim the legs and turn what would be a more relaxed look into a more sophisticated one.
  • A black blazer, with a touch of extra fashion - fringes along the sleeves, or with a cute print, or with more than one material and an unusual cut.
  • The same shorts or another pair that is equally stylized and we move confidently to dine out, dance, be with friends, laugh and enjoy the good of living, relaxing and energizing!

As you can see and with only one piece of beachwear, one swimsuit, we have already created 3 looks for the day and night, making this piece truly multipurpose.

However, let's imagine that you have some pants with a beautiful print, whose tones can be mixed with the oil green of the swimsuit. Don't hesitate, take a chance, wear it during the day, with a white shirt, and at night, with a nice blazer in a tone that can mix with the print of the pants and the green of the garment. There is no way to fail!

I leave you with some suggestions on how to make the simple purchase of a swimsuit the favorite item of the season, which can be mixed with pants, shorts, suits, skirts, day, night... More and more every piece we buy must allow us to use it on more than one occasion and daytime.

Together we will continue this adventure of discovery. Follow us!

Always be true to yourself,


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