Military chic fall/winter trend! Let’s mix everything together one more time!

Hello again!

How are you? How have you been? Have you enjoyed our stories and the subjects we’ve chosen especially for you? We have loved doing it, it has been one of our favorite moments!

We opened our year with the theme "Military Chic" because it represents all the values ​​that we have been talking about throughout our stories, while being the pillars of our brand as well. They are - sophistication, despite our pieces being classic and timeless, trendiness, high-end, edgyness, quality, comfort, novelty, innovation, luxury, sustainability and the possibility to be used beyond the beach.

When we approach themes as fashion trends, besides sharing its content with you, we want to guide you as well, inside out, through our own creative process as a brand. We want you to participate on it, through your comments, feedback, helping us building a brand especially designed for you.

The “Military Chic” style

The military style has been embracing catwalks since 2008 as a small detail, but this year it reaches its maximum strength! Materializing into more sophisticated style coats, as you can see through the photographs we used, where gold is always present as a statement, or more relaxed, being more seen in the coats we use during the weekend, for example in khaki colour. This trend is seen both in the female and male wardrobe and to the tones already mentioned above, we add blue, red, black and denim.

The more sophisticated and relaxed versions of the military style can and should be mixed.

We can wear jeans with a richer and high-end military jacket, in red, gold, black tones, a white sweater and sneakers. A look that can be used in the morning and evening to dine out, dance.

Or wear a beautiful dress, with a good cut with frills, tulle, big current trends, with a military style jacket on top, with pockets, khaki, that will give us that edgy, high-end look. Try to accessorize this look with a pair of tennis shoes of various colors. Success Guaranteed!

I leave you a tip here - when you accessorize, whether through jewelry, scarves, shoes, wallets, you can and should use pieces with multiple colors. Especially, colors like dark green, burgundy, white and even electric blue or chocking pink that are so current! Start by risking slowly and you will see how the colors feed between them, adding that big /small detail that enable us to stand out from the crowd. Always true to herself and your style. Do not forget!

This military style, the Street Style, are trends that appear in the collections as details, until they materialize in whole pieces. Being seen later and transversely in the designers' collections, both in more sophisticated pieces and more relaxed weekend pieces. When a style is approached in this way, it will become a classic, returning annually. Like our swimwear line, these pieces will become a mandatory classic in our closets being always safe to invest on them. I stress once again that the more sophisticated and relaxed military-style are not watertight departments. They can and should be mixed always with Maria Martinez Beachwear!

Our favorite designers who best exemplify this style this year’s Fall/Winter session are - Hermes, Haider Ackermann, Lanvin, Paul Smith, Dolce Cabana, Dries Van Noten… "Take a pick, get wild, inspire and adventure yourselves on the wild side of this trend!” Always with Maria Martinez Beachwear! You know that our pieces are versatile and can be used with any style you adopt this Fall/Winter!

Offline Black swimsuit mixed with “Military Chic” style

And now, how to mix these military pieces more relaxed or sophisticated with Maria Martinez Beachwear? My image exemplifies that well! I have golden trousers, our Offline Black swimsuit, a military-chic jacket, and I will definitely ROCK! A word widely used by us in these articles, because that is what we want for you - notability, individuality, amazing styles. We guarantee this as a brand.

Another wonderful look to start the year and still in this military theme style, is for example, our Offline Black accessorized with military pants with pockets, casual and slightly baggy, and a beautiful sophisticated black velvet or satin blazer on top. And why not embrace this look, with a blazer in patchwork style as I already told you?! Take a chance! Accessorize it with some pumps and leave confident, beautiful!

I wish you a great new year, full of wonderdul, memorable moments, new achievements and always, but always with Maria Martinez Beachwear.

Always be true to yourself and your style,


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