Myths of the female universe, swimsuit edition

Hello again!

I’m so happy to be able to share my ideas with you! Together we will end myths and bring more reality to our feminine universe.

Myth 1 about Women's Fashion: the Photos

Let us begin with our photoshoots. The images with the models wearing swimsuits and bikinis on our website, in our lookbook and on our social media networks, do not correspond to reality!

They are indeed beautiful women, of all races and they are young. But on which falls intense makeup work – that’s why all photoshoots start so early. It isn’t just the angles and the light that make the photos. It's the makeup on the body, face and the work on the hair.

After the photoshoot, all the photos are intensely worked in Photoshop. Everything is reviewed: stretch marks, flaccidity, cellulite, wrinkles, skin quality… Basically, this process it's like trying to put the perfect photo in Instagram 😊!

As such, when you are trying a new swimsuit or a new bikini and start to think that you don’t look like the swimsuit girl in the image you have been dating for some time, don’t stress, because it’s normal. That end result does not exist. We exist, women of the real world, authentic, living here and now. And we are spectacular!

Myth 2 about Women's Fashion: the Body

Moving on to a second myth, that has it’s origin in the unrealistic and exacerbated beauty ideals of today's society.

Please end with the belief that with a 24 hours’ diet you will have a body like Cindy Crawford! Or that, with intensive massages every day of the week that leave us sore and bruised, after 15 days, voilá, you’ll become the new Gisele Bundchen!

Do not buy a whole stock of anti-cellulite, anti-stretch or slimming creams, in order to fit in that swimsuit you bought to use when you lose 3 Kg. This work must be done throughout the year by all women in the world, regardless of their age and ethnicity, and the truth is that it works!

The effect of this effort is always worthwhile, synchronizing your inside feminine beauty with your outside look, but there are no exceptions. There are aids and that is why brands are here to develop products that meet these needs and to advise you on the best option.

For different types of bodies, different structures, and different products. Simple and with wonderful results. So, if you decided to relax this year, you are reading the right article.

Myth 3 about Women's Fashion: Swimsuits

Third myth: whole pieces favor and hide the belly; weight gain; flaccidity. Grab these 3 features and imagine a piece of lycra on top, with your body exposed. Do you really think it works? Or are we going to take the characteristics of a woman's body and glory it? Should we bring to the forefront what can favor a woman’s body, so that all other aspects are not seen? Or simply change the focus of attention to the details of a piece? And how? It’s simple: making small cuts where our body allows it, highlighting the best our body has.

Why don’t you try our beachwear pieces, like Offline Black and Offset? You will start to see that these swimsuits, not being a whole piece, you can wear them feeling beautiful, comfortable, powerful, and young at the same time. Take a shot with our Trick swimsuit , that has a slight cut that makes all the difference.

Once again, we make a cut where is possible, in order to highlight what we have best, or we will put details in front of the swimsuit, constructively, respecting our anatomy. See our Asymetric swimsuit . It's a whole piece, but with a little twist that changes the result completely: we transformed what would be the normal modeling of a piece of swimsuit and applied an element to highlight the chest area, harmonizing our physiognomy, favoring it, making us sure of ourselves, unique.

I believe that our range of beachwear is worth exploring and that, by questioning pre-established ideas, will bring you more tailored solutions to your body, with surprising results.

Powerful women are our inspiration and you are the reason why we create. In all the beachwear pieces in our store and our outlet, you are our inspiration. Our goal is to praise every woman. Our motto is to strengthen you.

End the myths and take a shot into a reality that will make all the difference this summer!

Always be true to yourself,


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