The elephant in the room

To my dear customers,


I missed you and missed writing these articles.

How have you been, during these troubled times of pandemic, of strains variable weekly, messenger RNA vaccines (where's the bug?), wich are not preventive, but lower the mortality risk (the eternal question), the economic crisis, that according to the indicators, is to come, but eternally stalled with the injection of money into the economy on a world scale, a change in consumption habits that have not yet stabilized - please end the rain of "confy" pieces and sportwear lines and collections- the pressing issue of social, envirnonmental and health sustainability?

Hard times to find our place in the world!

We as a brand, decided to take a break. For a duration to be determined and to be informed at the right time. New projects, new lines, new directions.

We decided we need time to be sustainable in addition to the price tag being made of recyclable material. We decided we need time to produce an environmentally conscious collection. We decided time will be our best ally to get where we want as the luxury brand we are, with innovative design, generator of trends.

Time to think and strengthen.

This is in fact your last chance to buy our swimwear.


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