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Hi everybody!

Who would have thought that you could find in the same place the finest dinning, sophisticated and uniquely designed luxury beachwear, "ready to wear" clothing with shirts, pants, blazers and dresses and gold-plated brass jewelry pieces enameled with candy tones and natural stones?! And who would have thought that this same space is opening doors for two days for a restricted guest list gathered by these 4 brands to know you, show you the new collections and surprises thought just for you and only you?!

Did you know that the owners of these brands are going to be there, arms wide open to meet your needs, way of being and thinking? Vastly different products will be presented: 4 brands, but all united by quality, sophistication, timelessness, limited production, unique design, exclusive patterns and universal flavors. Brands that embrace the concept of "slow fashion", with pieces made to measure for their customers.

Oui mais non Restaurant

Let me start by introducing you to my favorite place for brunches and snacks in Lisbon: "Oui mais non". Located in the center of Lisbon, on Avenida da Liberdade, it is an intimate space, reserved and extremely welcoming. It’s incredibly careful decoration, with retro and contemporary elements, makes us feel at home as soon as we enter. Our tea house.

This gastronomic space that excels the highest quality on modern brunch, has the mission to revive the classic 5 o’clock tea, with a variety of flavors that cross countries, continents, taking us to Africa, India, China and Europe.

How do they do it? Let's start by telling you all about the pancakes! Its flavors cross the world, offering us the traditional American pancake, with "toppings" and sauces at your choice, or the "Baby Dutch Pancake", which, as its name implies, comes from the Netherlands, made in an oven "cast iron" that can also be garnished with "toppings" and sauces if you desire. And what about the Sapporo Pancake, original from Japan? Until yesterday, I've never tried it but I’ll swear to you... It's a real gastronomic journey, a challenge to our palate you can’t miss!

The gastronomic journey has just started! Did you know that in Lisbon you can delight yourself with a macaron flavored with “pastel de nata”? Or Belgian mint and chocolate? And that the taste of mint is the same as the English "Aero peppermint" chocolate? And what about the very "trendy" taste and "high-end" salted caramel? Well, I dare you to guess what the summer menu is, full of new flavors and colors, macarons and éclairs (another specialty of the menu). 

And what about the "Dammann fréres" teas this house offers? Here's our tip, try the "Miss dammann", a mixture of green tea and ginger flavors with spicy and fruity aromas, like lemon and passion fruit... It is simply: "Oui mais non", wonderful!!

Pamplemousse by TMG

How are your closets when it comes to “ready to wear” clothes? Clothes that are comfortable, chic, of maximum quality and proper to use in various occasions, day and night, always feeling good, relaxed, but sophisticated at the same time! This is the proposal of Teresa Marçal Grilo, the designer of "Pamplemousse by TMG".

Her main goal is to create basic, timeless pieces but at the same time sophisticated and versatile. Its "signature piece" are pajama-style shirts with a classic cut, but she also creates other pieces such as pants, dresses and blazers. The brand is sold online through its website and in selected physical stores. As the produced quantities are limited, naturally the items turn into truly unique and special pieces.

This brand reflects a way of life diametrically opposed to "fast fashion": there are no capsule collections or collections determined by the seasons of the year. The patterns are designed by Teresa herself, the cadence of her collections is determined by creativity and the speed at which the production gains shape. For daily use, to the beach and beyond! Remember our brand’s guide lines? Yes, thats it... Pieces that are designed to mingle with Maria Martinez Beachwear at any time of the day and night!

Titi Jewerly

Speaking of accessories, a must have this season 😉, the perfect way to start a party is to use a swimsuit or a bikini Maria Martinez Beachwear, with a set of shirts and pants Pamplemousse by TMG, and a ring made for this summer season 2021, with the most up to date colors, all together!

Titi Marçal Grilo is unstoppable this season and will present us a jewelry line of gold plated in brass, enameled with candy colors, and natural stones accessories, created exclusively for the brand Titi Jewelry. You can´t miss it! All this, as you drink a wonderful tea and delight yourself with the delicacies of this space!

Maria Martinez Beachwear Exclusive Event

And it seems like this exclusive sharing of quality and sophistication, isn’t stopping here! For the costumers that visit us and enjoy these brands sales, a draw will be held, and the winner will receive a brunch for two people "Oui mais non", a ring by titi jewellery, and a Maria Martinez Beachwear swimsuit of your choice... Yes, it's true!

We need to cheer up our spirits and live the next season at full strength and with our beachwear! We like to contribute and give back in a special way, to give you our full and special attention!

And what about us, Maria Martinez Beachwear? Are you ready to try your favorite pieces? Yes, we will work as a physical store for two days, full of surprises to show you!

We will select some pieces from the various collections that we think are your favorite ones and that we still have all sizes available, and we will be there with our arms wide open to welcome you. If you are interested in trying on any or some particular models, please email us to info@mariamartinezbeachwear.com and your wish will be granted! That's what we're here for!

As for me, I can't believe that after all these months of only being able to write to you, I will finally have the chance to meet you and know what you think, wish and look for! It should always be like this! Subscribe to our newsletter and wait for our invitation!

Be always true to yourself and to your style,


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