Spring/Summer 2021 accessories’ trends

And who doesn't like to talk about accessories?!!

From small to bigger items that make all the difference in our final look and in our closets? That beautiful purse that drives us crazy and justifies so much 😊?! It changed the whole look! And us too 😊!!!

Spring/Summer Look: the importance of accessories

What about those boots, up or low, with heels or flat that make us feel cool, cute, distinguishing us from others, personalizing the look, turning dressing fashionably less commercial, closer to us and to our style?

And how about sunglasses?!! In neon color - I didn't even know they existed - that make any old outfit, trendy and modern?! It was the detail that was missing to dive on the beach this summer or simply going to a beautiful terrace enjoying the view. In addition, with a good pair of sunglasses, no one notices my dark circles, puffiness or signs of aging (No!), or even where I'm looking at! Only advantages!

For all these reasons - unfortunately this article is for our blog and I am reduced to a minimum number of words -, it isn’t that often these pieces appear on the grocery list as essential goods, for immediate consumption and instant gratification!

Not perishable, tending to be long lasting - remember the vintage grandmother's purse 😊? They may not even be on the supermarket shelf, which is a huge advantage! They broaden our horizons, allow us to discover other worlds, elucidate us, contribute to our education and help us clear our head! Scout’s code!

Spring/Summer Accessories

And this Spring/Summer accessories come with strength, color, variety, imagination, practicality, functionality, different sizes and to accessorize us from head to toe!

Headscarves and Hoods

Let's start then with the headscarves!! Inspired by the 50’s and 60’s, this trend comes to refine our looks in the "right way". For this reason, it is an accessory that we can and should use and abuse. As it should be, this year they are seen with floral prints or with stripes, full of color or monochromatic in black and white, with letters, adding that vintage vibe to our look.

Ideal for those days when we don't feel our hair 100%, super-versatile and able to be used multiple times, you can start to bring one in your purse and use it from time to time. You will not regret it!

And what about the hoods? I already wrote an article about Street Style and told you that this trend, that started many years ago as a detail in collections, is here to stay, and nowadays it incorporates whole pieces, several, in multiple collections of different designers, relaxing a more sophisticated look or in full assumption of the Street Style.

With this trend, sneakers accessorize long dresses, tuxedos, tracksuit trousers are mixed with sparkle and sequin pieces, hoodies are mixed with more sophisticated pieces, increasing the variety of occasions where they can be used. Stroll with your hoodie down the beach and to a more glamorous dinner and you will see!

Lingerie and flossing

It seems that our underwear, which protects and supports us, is increasingly on display! I'm referring to bras and bralettes. They are used with trousers and coat suits, with high-waisted skirts, shorts in their various versions, "Tom Boy" trousers, denim... The secret is to be 100% visible, whether as pieces that are worn alone like “Bralettes”, or under layers, with tank tops, shirts and transparent t-shirts, used like bras.

This is a season where we are invited to explore our sensuality in a sober and conscious way. An excellent opportunity to grab your Maria Martinez Beachwear bikini and make use of it beyond the beach, as we have been inviting you to do.

Have you surrendered to the "floss"? What is this "flossing" trend? We are referring to the thin strips, which look like strings similar to dental floss (hence the name) and appear in “bralettes”, tops, skirts, pants, in the middle of dresses.

It is a detail that in fact adds something different to the pieces, making them even more sophisticated, giving them more personality. We really like this trend. Invest in a "bralette" with strips this summer and mix it highlighting this piece!

Summer footwear

Shoes, shoes and... more shoes!! I don't even know where to start describing this fundamental piece of our wardrobe and its trends for the season to come!!

Slippers have already left our houses for good and are on the street, furry, with ropes, tacks, shiny, braided, with heels, more comfortable, tractor soles... Boots, a little above the knee, should be used this Spring/Summer in white! Try mixing them with shorts, an XXL shirt on top and finish with a boyfriend shoulder pad blazer!

Underneath, wear a swimsuit Maria Martinez Beachwear, let it show a little bit under the shirt and I assure you... You will not regret it!

Clogs are coming hard, straps are seen in sandals and sneakers, the Street Style is increasingly impregnated in flat sandals, masculinizing the looks of dresses and shorts, sensualizing them and making this piece a "must" this season.

In the Erdem, Altuzarra and Ulla Johnson collections, the platforms appear higher, with thick heels, in raffia and wooden soles. If you bet on this trend, pay attention to balance! The buttoned shoes finish the looks in collections like Louis Vuitton, Marni, reaching their maximum strength in Miu Miu, in the form of sneakers with silver heels! The ideal balance between "sport" and "street style".


As for our beloved purses, sizes, shapes and colors... WOW! This season is awesome! If you decide to buy one more 😊 this Spring/Summer, bet on a yellow one, which can be mixed with all looks and outfits and will add an additional joy to your look! You can also invest in a piece like this in the pastel colors we already talked about and now buy one with fringes at the risk of becoming the most " trendy " girl of the piece!

Varied materials are incorporated in bags this season, namely the already mentioned "fish nets", which, being used in some pieces of clothing, in bags, they steal the spotlight! Marvel at these purses all made in fish net, a detail to use and abuse! And this season, XXL bags also become a big trend, ideal for those who like to carry their home on their back... Me 😊! There is always something missing!

Sustainable fashion

Speaking of sustainability and within this subject, reporting to plastic and its environmental and public health repercussions, many brands this season "decorated" glass bottles, with logos, raffia and leather! They are branded objects this season, with bags and belts added! A trend to not be missed! You no longer have an excuse to keep clinging to a plastic bottle!

Still, within this trend, we are excited about the new two-dimensional format purses. Similar to a file folder, they are ideal for occasions where this accessory is there for a stroll and give some color!


Finally and still a relevant trend next season, ley us talk about jewelry! I am referring to chains, worn close to the neck or longer. They have been with us since last winter and because they work, they have more and more spotlight, being seen in noble materials such as gold and silver and common jewelry.

These are for us the main trends in accessories for next season. I hope you make use of our tips!

Always be true to yourself and your style,


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