Always be true to yourself


I draw for all of us, because in all of us lies an unique beauty that, through my pieces, I want to highlight! With this blog I intend to complement my designs, sharing with you my ideas, fashion trends, creations, in short, all these issues that makes us women endowed with complexity, creativity and a phenomenal abundance!

My new beachwear brand

This project started with my deep love for fashion (where did we, women, have heard this 😊), with the possibility of creating pieces that, despite being eternal and timeless, bring novelty, identity, and beauty to all of us. Pieces that can be used by women of all bodies and ages.

Why do we, after a certain age, have to use bathing suits that cover all our bodies, to protect ourselves against any flabbiness? Or whenever we buy a bikini, there is always a triangle or a bow on the side? Fashion varies annually with new cuts, new colors, patterns. Why don’t we innovate in swimwear as well, respecting ages, bodies and trends?

Therefore Maria Martinez Beachwear was created. A brand made for all women of all ages that respects our bodies, innovates in cuts following fashion trends and bringing new ideas, swimwear pieces, where few brands have ventured.

And in order to live up to this commitment, we have in store a collection that respects all these goals, which is called, as it should be - ASYMMETRIES!

Asymmetries as a beachwear statement

Currently, when you enter a store what do you see? Whatever the brand or type of target audience, note that there are full skirts longer on one side and shorter on the other, short shirts in front and long in the back or tops with sleeves on only one side... Asymmetries have entered the clothing market since 2019 and promise to stay for some time.

We, as a brand and according to the goals we set to ourselves since the beginning, integrated this concept, this theme, into our collection and we challenge you, powerful women, to take a risk and buy a piece that is completely different from everything you have in your closet, and you will see 😊... You’ll be just like: “WOW! Spectacular! I want one too! What is this brand?! Super-different, but looks good!

Forget your usual style and use new pieces that were made for you, for your body, that are different and that fit you perfectly. When you’re leaving the beach or the pool, add some short jeans, an asymmetrical skirt, bell-bottom pants, a shirt with a knot and go for a drink rocking with your new style! Imagine: Your hair in the wind and still salty, a gloss, our swimsuit Offline Black, some jeans, a shirt and you won't need anything else to standout. You will feel unique, beautiful, different, and confident!

Dive in our site and discover our varied product offering. These swimwear pieces were created to praise you in all possible aspects on the beach this year! From our Asymmetric, to our Circle Forms or Trick, make your choice with the guarantee that it is the right one for you and that it will make a difference this summer!

I'm here waiting for you and your feedback. Don't forget that this brand is made by me for you.

Always be true to yourself,


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