Sophistication on the beach, materials, and textures

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How are your summer vacations going? If you have been following my tips, they are certainly flowing in the right direction! Here I am with one more subject that I hope you will enjoy! I am going to tell you a little bit about materials and textures in beachwear and the path that the brand has been taking to meet your expectations more and more.

What to expect from a beachwear brand in addition to the aforementioned identity, quality, novelty and beauty? Everything!! You need to learn to be demanding when choosing a swimsuit or a bikini and I promise you that the brands will meet your desire.

So, lets focus on materials and textures used by us, Maria Martinez Beachwear.

The first collections of Beachwear

Let's start with the brand's first collection - Origins.

As always, at Maria Martinez Beachwear, we care about fashion trends. That’s why we focused on hammocks and net lycras, a big trend at the time, and timeless pieces, introducing Denim - a lycra with this print originates contemporary swimwear pieces, creating a "current look", that can be used any time and beyond the beach - to start developing the aforementioned identity and beauty that so characterize our brand.

We also bet on gold and silver, colors that elevate the pieces to a premium level of luxury, sophistication, and quality.

With the second collection - 70's revival - we delved deep into the 70’s, a great fashion trend at the time, focusing on a troop fabric, paying homage to the pacifist movements that appeared to face the war lived at that time.

With this print, we guarantee, once again, the timelessness of the pieces, a "current look" that allows the use of swimwear pieces beyond the beach and a reference at the time they are produced, allowing its use on various occasions. We continued to use the networks and network lycras, but we added new materials that our customers loved so much, with the difference that they already have the silver and gold printed in white and black… Yes, the sophistication of this collection is experienced to the last detail and is a trademark that we have until today!

Our Psychadelic swimsuit is still a sales success, with customers buying two pieces of the same swimsuit to guarantee the timelessness of the same in their wardrobes.

Black, white, electric blue, yellow are the preferred colors of this collection.

The Change in Materials and Textures in Beachwear

What about us women 😉!? And based on this question, we move on to our third collection - A Tribute to Women – a collection entirely thought about how to enhance a woman's body.

Our hammocks have been transformed into industrial crochet, the brand's exclusive material. This material that we use in our beachwear is produced in Italy. The production phase was divided into two phases:

·       In the first phase, the industrial crochet was produced in a factory;

·       In the second phase, lycra and crochet were joined to create the pieces.

With this collection and because of the materials we used, we started to produce in Italy, a relationship that we have maintained until today. Green, gold and bordeuax were the main colors of the crochet used in this collection of swimsuits and bikinis.

In black, we introduced a fabric also exclusive to the brand and that was used for the first time in swimwear – so many innovations in this collection -, while the fabric itself already had the crochet design. This material, accompanied with black and nude lycra, was responsible for the production of one of the most beautiful pieces that this brand has ever created - the Sexy with a Stripe model, in a bikini version and a swimsuit.

We continue with the chrome tones, this time in brown, and embrace the characteristic sophistication of animal print. Bordeuax and green form this summer colors.

The current collection of Beachwear

In our latest collection, named Assimetric, the denim has become darker, the gold and silver details have become studs, the animal print has reached its peak, the black and white elevate the collection to its maximum strength and the cherry red became the new "statement" color and the first time this color is used by the brand.

It is the collection that we have in store right now and is worth seeing, buying, and using in all the versions that exist.

As you can see, with this brand and through the materials and textures that are used, we innovate, contributing to your sophistication, modernity, beauty, comfort, and well-being. And always true to yourself. Follow us and give us your feedback!

Always be true to yourself,


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