Sustainability at its peak: PATCHWORK!

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And here we are for another article about Fall/Winter 2020 trends, in which at the same time I suggest that you take a risk at using beachwear pieces beyond the beach. In this context, the piece of choice will be our Overlaping swimsuit!

Fall/Winter Trend: Patchwork

The Patchwork trend, widely used in Denim, relates to a subject so comprehensive as sustainability is, as it allows the recycling of fabrics from old collections. We innovate in the cut of the pieces, reusing past fabrics that will add that edgy and, in a certain way, also a bohemian touch to the Fall/Winter 2020 collections

I invite you to take a look at Missoni's ready-to-wear Fall/Winter 2020 collection – where this Patchwork theme is striking, with a special highlight to long cardigans (I want one!!). Also take a look at the Alexander McQueen collection and, in particular, the tailleurs, who represent this theme in a passionate way - from Marni, where this topic is explored in leather, joining different leather fabrics, with colors ranging from black to gold, the result being absolutely stunning.

There is also another brand that has been gaining ground again and in a more affordable category. Take a look at the Antik Batik collection, where the Patchwork trend is applied in shirts, pants and jackets. Not to be missed.

In a more masculine perspective, do not miss the Bode brand. Designed by a woman for men, this American luxury brand is all about the idea of ​​Patchwork.

Overlaping swimsuit with Patchwork

And now, how do we combine this Patchwork trend to our brand of swimwear Maria Martinez Beachwear? Easy, we transform our swimsuits into bodys, our bikinis in our second skin and go out the door looking SPECTACULAR!

Focusing specially on our Overlaping swimsuit model, it actually has all the trendy features to become the “IT" model and to be used as a body mixing it with Patchwork pieces. For those of you who are a fan of the vintage look, search for pieces in second-hand clothing stores, because in the 70’s, patchwork was widely used.

Mixing this set of pieces with our Overlaping swimsuit, you will surely achieve that terrific bohemian look that I am talking about so much! 

Our Overlaping swimsuit, with its animal print in earth tones, ideal to blend with this winter's color palette, with its original cut on the shoulders and that crossing at the front, guarantees the "perfect fitting" of this piece, it will be the perfect item to mix with clothes that use patchwork fabrics in first or second hand!

It is my favorite piece to be worn with high waisted trousers, with a shirt over it and a knitted coat, patchwork blazer that guarantees the look of this season. Have you taken the risk already?

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