Trends Spring/Summer 2021

Hello to all our readers!!

A big hug for all of you, who thought like me that by now, the extraordinary life circumstances of 2020 would be mitigated and in 2021, we would be a step closer to a more peaceful and less tragic time.

We are living very physically and emotionally demanding times that require that we maintain ourselves calm and focused on strength, patience, resilience, mutual help between people and nations, a lot of physical and mental health, love, friendship, hope and some color as well! I wish you all the best.

Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

As expected, the Spring/Summer 2021 trends will reflect this whole environment that we live now. They communicate a mixture between the courage needed to live through this period and the security that we all aspire to obtain again.

The designers, having created most of their collections alone, far from their teams, talk about creating pieces that instill in us an emotional relationship with them. Namely, that reflect this need for security that we all want to feel again.

Spring/Summer 2021 Trends: Masks and Revivals

Therefore, the need for protection using masks will be an essential new piece to be explored and styled. See specifically the collections of MarniRick Owens and Balenciaga. In this last one, we can see a black sweater that includes a mask. A good example of this trend.

This winter we were entitled to the pants of our father, husband, and boyfriend in “plus size”. This season we will steal them some shirts, preferably in pastel shades, light pinks, blues, lavender and use them freely with skirts, shorts, pants, swimsuits and even dresses! Again that " Tom Boy " style so feminine and sexy that makes us irresistible! Much appreciated and suitable to use with Maria Martinez Beachwear!

Still in this style and integrating the trend of wads of the 80’s, we have the jackets "oversized shoulder pad boyfriend". A key piece to your Spring/Summer wardrobe! You can wear it over pants, skirts, dresses, denim, XXL shirts and it will modernize your look entirely. Don't miss the more sophisticated and stylized interpretations of this new revival in materials and colors.

Spring/Summer 2021 Trends: Pastel and Leather

Pastel shades are a strong trend this season. We are talking about light yellows, light pinks, cerulean blues, mint greens and lavender. These shades will incorporate skirts, pants, shorts, denim, jackets and especially blazers, making these pieces even more special. A lavender blazer, if it is an "oversized shoulderpad boyfriend” style, will quickly become the key piece of your wardrobe this season. It is a shade that can be mixed with a variety of colors, such as black, white, gray, beige, red, and will bring to your look that novelty that makes heads turn on the street every time you pass by. These pastel shades also have the advantage of being suitable for most skin tones.

Don't miss the leather pieces that the designers created this season. Coats, dresses, shirts, shorts built in this material, with details and a certain sophistication that will dazzle us.

Spring/Summer 2021 Trends: Details, Balloon Sleeves and Shoulder pads

And it seems that "logomania" is being replaced by a "neon statement" and "patchwork". We have fuchsia pink and neon yellow pieces in some collections, that like the logos, will individualize the brand and distinguish it from other brands through iconic pieces.

On the other hand, Patchwork, which was already a strong trend last winter, in collections like Dolce Gabbana this season, woks as an identifier mark for this brand. For us, fashion lovers, investing in pieces with these details, will be enough to imbue us with the spirit of this "saizon". Don't miss the neon pieces from Balmain.

And what about balloon sleeves? I am a fan of this trend, especially when I see it in coats, namely "Trench Coats" and blazers. You will see this trend in shirts, t-shirts, overalls, dresses… There will be a lot of sleeves to have fun with this summer!

The shoulder pads are here to stay. The time has come to dive into the closet of that family member that lived deeply the 80’s!

Spring/Summer 2021 Trends: Romantic Dresses and Silver

Romantic dresses continue to be a must-have in most collections this season. Assisted with transparencies, they become a fundamental part of our wardrobe. We now leave you a look to think about and invest in - a bathing suit or a bikini Maria Martinez Beachwear, with a transparent romantic dress on top and an "oversized, shoulderpad boyfriend" blazer to finish the look... No Comments 😊. Smoking hot!

Silver is a color that continues to be in the front line, and, in collections like Balmain’s, it leaves the mere detail to cover whole dresses, overalls, blazers... I like a silver detail in an everyday  look, especially and as I have already demonstrated to you in the "Street Style" look, if you mix these silver pieces with a simpler piece, namely the white XXL shirt, you will see that you can use it daily and never get bored.

Tye dye can also be seen in some pieces that can go from a kaftan to a "maxi" dress. A piece with such a pattern makes any gloomy day a glorious sunny day! Summer is coming!

Do You want to stand out from crowd? Invest in a coat this Spring/Summer! They will come with strong colors and patterns, from floral prints, to stripes and patchwork. They come to raise our morale, to bring strength and courage to these troubled times!

Spring/Summer 2021 Trends: Trench Coats and Sexy Looks

The trench coats are stunning this season! They bring novelty in the cut, visible on the coat’s flaps, sleeves, and size. In my opinion the most beautiful pieces of this Spring/Summer. Don’t miss  seeing them in the collections of Nina RicciLoeweLouis VuittonPradaMarniAltuzarra. This piece with the new shapes, has become chic and functional! It will modernize any look this Spring/Summer.

Fish nets will also stand out as a trend this Spring/Summer! Pieces made with this material, placed on top of dresses, shirts, pants, overalls, skirts. They finish the looks, bringing that novelty to the pieces and filling the eye.

Shorts and shorts and more shorts! Explored in the cyclist version or minimalist 😊, they are a piece to use and abuse this season!

And also... you will see the lowered waist again! This trend is well represented in collections such as VersaceFendi and Balmain. Sensual and practical looks, representative of the new view of work and women in it, a chic and functional view. For those who are not lovers of high waist, indulge in this trend and with the new trouser pieces that the brands have to offer!

As you can see and despite the circumstances we are currently experiencing, it is a good time to enjoy life at home and turn your closet inside out! Look for old pieces that are within the current trends, give them a new twist, make new sets, relive the past in the present confident that these times will improve. Entertain yourself at home and have fun with these tips full of novelty and energy!

Always be true to yourself and to your style,


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