Will they ever get us? Once and for all EMBRACE our STREET STYLE!!


How wonderful it is to have this opportunity to share my ideas, insights, thoughts and emotions with you!! It has been a fantastic experience not only to be able to write about us women, our relationship with fashion and the impact that this phenomenon has on us and on society in general, but it also makes me feel  closer to you.

Will they ever get us?!!

Yes, will they ever get us?! A recurring and generational subject that all of us women can relate to and shout out - men of this world, put it in your head once and for all - WE DON’T DRESS FOR YOU! We choose our clothes for us first, to please us and secondly for other women as well! You come in… hmmm… fourth place! 😉.

Have you noticed that, when you’re walking on the street with your wife, girlfriend, female friend, we look at her first and if we like what we see, we look at you to observe who is the lucky guy who has this bombshell by his side?! Exactly, we noticed you if the look and the outfit of the woman who accompanies you is approved!!And I assure you, it has always been like this and it will always be so.

Embracing fashion trends is not a superficial or consumerist phenomenon. It is an interior, visceral, creative, dynamic, social, generational, "feel good", transformative, inner movement! Fashion is a part of us, of our essence, of our content as individuals. It is individually borned, to be lived socially, in a community and for the community. So, when we buy a trendy shock pink sweater, it isn’t just one more in our closet - although it may have all the colors of the rainbow ;). This sweater is essential!

Having clarified this point;), it is time to talk about Street Style!

Fashion Trend: Street Style

Is there anything sexier than a woman dressed in overalls, a body underneath Maria Martinez Beachwear and some pumps? I’m sorry Mary Quant, but "bye, bye" miniskirt and “hello” great look, style, sensuality, individuality, beauty!

We don't need miniskirts, shorts, leggings or skinny jeans to feel and be one of the best-dressed women in a room. The obvious has never been, nor will ever be, representative of style. Taking into account our physiognomy and ourselves as individuals, we can explore trends that exist to highlight the best in us. They originate from that visceral phenomenon called fashion and are designed exclusively for us, to highlight creatively, the best that a woman's body has to offer. So that we feel beautiful, comfortable, stylish!

The time has come to trust fashion as the transformative phenomenon it is! So, I appeal to you, men of this world, to support us... If any of us appear to you dressed in Street Style, do not ask us if we are going to do gardening or deliver letters in the mail... Be dazzled and trust us!

Beachwear with Street Style

And now, Maria Martinez Beachwear versus Street Style! The highlight of this article! As you can see from my photographs, I am on top of the world in this issue and very happy!

Considering this year's trends, I conjugated our Trick swimsuit that gives us a slim and feminine silhouette, with silver Street Style trousers! I mixed it with white All Star Platform sneakers and here we go! Just put on a black, dark gray or white blazer with pumps and I'm going out to dinner and rock!

This is Maria Martinez Beachwear, a simple, wearable style that empowers us, making us feel unique at the beach and beyond! Share with us your experience wearing Maria Martinez Beachwear. We are here because of you.

Always be true to yourself and to your style,


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