It all started many years ago, when Maria Martinez, seven years old, lost herself in Paris, chasing a woman who wore red hot shoes. Since then, embodied shoes, yellow jackets, bell-bottom pants became part of Maria Martinez daily fantasy providing her inspiration on a constant basis.

After graduating from law school and some courses in fashion design, Maria decided to launch her own beachwear line in 2014. A beachwear line that would be differentiated by innovation in design, textures, comfort, quality and sustainability. The world in general, where which the fashion industry has a special prominence, currently faces a huge challenge. Balancing profit with an activity that is sustainable in relation to materials used, place and country of production, and producing items of clothing carried out with respect for the environment and worker's conditions.

Right from the start, Maria Martinez Beachwear, has never worked in a country or a factory that does not respect all the above points. We started producing in Portugal, and over the past few years, we have developed a relationship with Italy, a country with an unique history in the fashion industry. This is where our beachwear items are being produced. If the above conditions are respected, we can build a trustworthy relationship with the factory, our clients and also build a sustainable, long term brand. A luxury brand.

The brand Maria Martinez follows fashion trends as they play a key role in the designs and materials used in all collections. Maria Martinez brand follows the changes that happened in the world of fashion and society in general, where using Havaianas in the city became normal and wearing jeans at cocktail parties is seen as ‘trendy’ and ‘cool’. This changes and the wider use of different wardrobe pieces led to the creation of this beachwear line that intends to go beyond the beach and be used in the largest possible number of occasions.

This is our proposal.
Maria Martinez